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A Day With Merilyn Section One


This is a component one among 2 portions. For those who luved the all-natural, candid point-of-view of the Merilyn off the hook Merilyn Unsheathed (on DVD as “Merilyn In Yer Face”), then you can enjoy A Day With Merilyn. This vid has one of the crucial identical activity as portions of Merilyn Unsheathed, similar to Merilyn cooking and munching a meal, however remains to be other sufficient in presentation to face by itself deserves. Our camera guy comes in Merilyn’s bed room to wake her up. That is by no means as effortless as it would sound as a result of Merilyn is a sleepyhead who all the time covets several extra mins of slumber-time. Sans even getting out of sofa, Merilyn spreads out to relieve up for the day. Drowsy-eyed, with out a makeup, Merilyn tosses off her tank-top and inspects herself in a full-length replicate. Little angel approves. We then observe what we have now by no means noticed in a Merilyn vid and was once lengthy past due: Merilyn brushing her lengthy hair. The digital camera goes after Omit Sakova into the douche, the place cub makes even brushing her tooth into an match. Merilyn desires espresso, a ciggy and breakfast subsequent. And cub’s going to have these things completely bare aside from for an apron which seems semi-transparent. You will not be observing this at the Meals Community anytime shortly, unluckily for his or her target market. “I enjoy cooking,” Merilyn says, as cub strikes a blend of flour, sugar and egg to make rollable pancakes with raspberry plunge referred to as blintzes or “blinchiki” in Ukrainian. You recognize that, in case you’ve noticed her former cooking consultation in Merilyn Unsheathed, wherein cub sung the “potato” tune. 10 mins afterward, Merilyn is well-prepped to sit down down and love her hearty breakfast…albeit cub duff’t fight back smearing some plunge on her torso. Merilyn can be Merilyn. Do not pass over phase 2 of A Day With Merilyn on It is nearly like dwelling together with her.

Date: December 7, 2023