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Sara’s rockin’ a milky crop-top and taut crimson jeggings that intensify each and every inch of sugary thighs and sugary-sweet rump little angel’s workin’ with.

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Moments afterwards, Sara’s romp playmate, Johnny Schlong, is within the bed room and he could not be extra thrilled to witness her.

“What a nymph you’re,” he says as little angel jerks his salami.

This nymph is the definition of fully-stacked, and Sara is as glad with tits as little angel is with rump, and little angel commences their tough pound with an extraordinaire boob process sooner than fellating his salami. Sara then jumps round and hops on Johnny’s salami rcg, after which he leans her over and penetrates her out doggie-style.

“Oh, I hindquarters perceive you in there,” Sara says as he works her face down, butt up. “Each and every inch of that hefty salami!”

Few dolls enjoy a super-steamy pound up to this whootie, so little angel needs to be cooled off. Which Johnny does by way of taking pictures his spunk in all places her obese booty.

Date: August 21, 2023