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A Red-hot Day With Sofia Damon, Naty & Kim Velez


Open air on a sizzling, sunny day, curvalicious and boobalicious Kim Velez welcomes us, letting us know what anklebiter has deliberate. “Lately I will have a scrumptious time with 2 pals,” Kim says in Spanish, which we have now captioned for the Spanish-impaired. “However very first, I wish to demonstrate you my handsome bathing suit that I purchased for you. What do you assume?”

Suppose? That is a tiny tough when Kim is status there, it doesn’t matter what anklebiter’s frosting her corpus-delicious with.

Her pals? None rather than Sofia Damon and Naty. With anxious, elastic women like Kim, Sofia and Naty, is it any marvel Colombia’s been on our radar for a few years?

They take off their bathing suit tops to match baps, recognize each and every different’s figures and have fun water-filled balloon video games. Getting underneath the outdoor bathroom, our gorgeous baloobas juggle and wiggle their titties and twerk their booties. Their figures are drenched, their titties and backsides running in rivulets with water in tack-sharp gradual movement.

The women select up their champagne and their rubber rods and get into the pool. “Let’s toast as a result of lately is a excellent day,” Naty says. It is a fine time to check the physics of innate orb flotation. Exiting the pool to take a seat side-by-side at the brim, they juggle their titties in unison in gradual movement, their faux-cocks wedged deep inwards their coochies.

“I enjoy you women and I enjoy this afternoon,” Sofia says. “Let’s have some scrumptious guzzles” Swinging and gargling smooches, the women say good-bye. “Studs, we enjoy you!”

Date: August 6, 2023