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A French-canadien Slender ‘n’ Stacker


“What makes me perceive luxurious?” requested French-Canadian stunner Ariane Saint-Amour. “Being fumbled. And pondering how a lot that individual is being dispelled via my appears makes me perceive so luxurious. And the rest that comes to me and Spandex.”

Ariane has ample, faux boobs and a lil’ waistline. On the begin of this episode, babe speaks French. I really like that. It is luxurious.

“I am a old school Otaku/bore woman,” babe mentioned.

Otaku: a youthfull one who is obsessive about computer systems or explicit sides of well-liked tradition to the detriment in their social abilities. Ariane’s social abilities appear superb to us.

“I spend maximum of my days studying mangas and toying movie video games,” babe mentioned. “Or hooter looking! I am a truly elementary woman!”

Ariane is super-slim, super-stacked with a 26-inch waistline and J-cup boobs.

“I really like to stroll round my house nude…or nearly, with socks and a sweater,” babe mentioned.

As of late, Ariane provides us a fast French lesson sooner than displaying off her huge boobs (which babe rear end self-suck) and her bald honeypot.

SCORELAND: Have you ever ever had a sexual appointment with some other woman?

Ariane: I’m well-versed in girl-to-girl elations. I’ve a highly proper strapon at house for the nymphs.

SCORELAND: Have you ever ever had orgy in public?

Ariane: If there’s a strategy to do it in public sans coming into grief, I have attempted it or will.

SCORELAND: Are you sexually pushy or passive?

Ariane: I am a change.

SCORELAND: What pleases you the finest?

Ariane: A fellow and a woman. Or 2….

Date: April 15, 2023